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Is marijuana legal in Alabama?

The legalization of marijuana is a hot topic in the U.S. As of May 2018, the National Conference of State Legislatures shows that 30 states, as well as the District of Columbia, allow medical marijuana use; nine of those along with the District of Columbia also permit recreational use.

Alabama does not fall under either category, which means that possession, sale and trafficking of marijuana are still illegal in this state. The only thing legal is the use of cannabidiol and products low (below 3 percent) in THC for specific medical conditions.

What you need to know about bankruptcy in Alabama

When bills and debts begin to pile up and are overwhelming, you may feel that it will be impossible to ever come out on the other side. It may seem that the more you try to get ahead on your debts, the worse you sink into the spiral of missed payments and building interest that continues to grow your debt each and every day.

Living like this can feel extremely stressful, and at times even hopeless. The good news is that in Alabama you do have options for creating a fresh financial future. Here is some information about one of options some individuals pursue to combat debt struggles: bankruptcy.

5 bankruptcy myths you should know about

If your financial woes have led you to consider filing for bankruptcy, your mind is probably filled with questions. Bankruptcy may seem a desperate and depressing option at this point, but perhaps you simply do not know enough about it.

You might begin educating yourself by looking at a few basic facts. Here are five common misconceptions about the bankruptcy process.

Momma's Baby, Papa's maybe: Demand Genetic (DNA) Testing

Family law includes determining whether there is a family.  Genetic DNA testing can settle paternity questions, forever. When faced with a paternity action, or an original child support case, the smart move is to require genetic DNA testing. If you do not, the only thing remaining in a Child Support case is to determine your child support. Other legal issues are impacted, but are not the subject of this post.


Criminal defense representation requires knowing which tools are available for which issues.  Let's face it, NO ONE is PERFECT. Sometimes certain situations do not go as planned and you find yourself in a legal nightmare, facing criminal charges. Getting arrested even for a small crime can feel like the end of the world for you and your family members. That overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety can be reduced if you know your options.

Understanding coercion when you face criminal charges

Facing criminal charges is understandably frightening. If you care about your future and want to get your life back on track, it is imperative that you fight for your rights and clear your name. Doing this on your own is difficult, but with a legal representative to help, you can navigate the criminal justice system. One of the factors that any skilled attorney should consider is whether coercion played a role in the charges.

Coercion refers to persuading somebody to action with the power of undue influence, force or threat. Unfortunately, this is a major component of many crimes and the resulting criminal charges. Here is what you should know about coercion. 

Using bankruptcy to deal with credit card debt

Are you racking up thousands of dollars in credit card debt and constantly missing payments? If so, you might be wondering about your best option. Maybe you have already tried negotiating with your creditors to lower your interest rate, but it has not worked. You might be considering bankruptcy but concerned about the impact it will have on your credit score.

Declaring bankruptcy is a significant decision that should not be taken lightly, but it can provide relief from credit card debt. Here is what you need to know about two of the most common options.

Understanding the debtor education course after bankruptcy

Some may not be aware, but there are additional steps to take after you file for bankruptcy. In order to receive a discharge for your bankruptcy, you must complete the debtor education course. This makes it an important and critical step in your bankruptcy process.

To ensure that you complete the entire process properly so that you may obtain your discharge, it is critical that you understand what the course consists of.

Uncontested Divorce

Part of family law is divorce. While we all hope our vows will last a lifetime, sometimes marriages just don't work. We have all heard the horror stories of people spending thousands of dollars over the course of a couple of years to finally obtain their divorce. This is the exception however, not the rule. Most divorces are uncontested and affordable. An uncontested divorce may be the answer.

Save your confession for your Deity

Save your confession for your Deity

In the criminal justice system, understanding and exercising your rights is important. Prior to any custodial interrogation by law enforcement, the person being interrogated must be informed of their rights. This is commonly known as your Miranda warnings. If you have watched a television crime show, chances are you are already aware of your rights. Even so, you must be informed that:

•· you have the right to remain silent, and anything that you say (or do) can be held against you in a court of law;

•· you have the right to have counsel present at the interrogation;

•· if you cannot afford counsel (you are indigent) the court will appoint counsel to represent you during interrogation.

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