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Criminal defense: Alabama woman faces murder charge

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

A woman in Pritchard has been accused of murdering her boyfriend, after allegedly telling police he had committed suicide. The 24-year-old has been arrested and taken into custody. The investigation into the specifics of the incidentis still underway, and for the moment, no court date has been announced. She is likely focused on her criminal defense options. Clearly, she has a lot at stake as she prepares to face formal charges in court.

According to the limited information released by Prichard police, it appears the man was found shot in the neck on Oct. 11, which was a Sunday. The woman initially told police the man had committed suicide when she was questioned. However, police eventually came under the impression that she had a hand in his death.

She was questioned again, whereupon she allegedly admitted to shooting him on the 600 block of Pine Street. She alleged that he had been threatening her at the time, and that she had acted in self defense. Police have not commented on this allegation at this time.

Murder is obviously a very serious charge, and if this Alabama woman is found guilty of shooting the man, she could face significant jail time. However, even if the allegation turns out to be true, her criminal defense representation will still have room to pursue alternatives to maximum sentencing in court. If the evidence suggests the woman may indeed have been acting in self defense, this could certainly play a central role in her defense.