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2 arrested for drug crimes in Alabama

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Drug Crimes |

Two people have been arrested after a drug sting operation allegedly turned up a significant amount of marijuana, according to the police department in Enterprise. Alabama authorities apprehended two individuals who have been charged with drug crimes after Enterprise police executed a search warrant. It is unclear whether either individual has sought criminal defense representation at this time.

According to the police report, Enterprise police executed the warrant at a residence on East Park Avenue on Dec. 3. They say they found some 50 marijuana plants, along with 60 pounds of packaged marijuana, which they believe was packaged for sale. Police say the plants were found in several bedrooms that appeared to have been converted into grow rooms.

Police also say they found six firearms as well as drug paraphernalia. They say the street value of the marijuana totalled at least $150,000 in street value. A 40-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman were arrested and charged with trafficking in cannabis. They were remanded to the Coffee County jail, where they await trial. However, no date has yet been announced publicly.

Drug crimes like trafficking can have serious criminal penalties attached to them, including fines and jail time. If these two individuals are found guilty of the charges filed against them, they could face these penalties head-on. Therefore, they will be represented in an Alabama criminal court by their own defense attorneys, who will carefully review the facts of the case to build defenses for each accused individual.