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2 charged with drug crimes in Morgan County

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Drug Crimes |

Two men from out of state are currently in custody after police say they were caught with significant amounts of illegal narcotics. Alabama authorities arrested the two men, both residents of Lubbock, and have charged them with drug trafficking. There is no word at this time as to whether either man has retained criminal defense counsel.

What are the allegations?

The information in the report is very minimal as this is a developing story, but it appears the two men, who have been publicly identified by police, were in Morgan County when they were stopped by police. It is unclear what events transpired to lead to the arrests, but a police search allegedly turned up some 4.5 pounds of what is believed to be methamphetamine. This must be corroborated by an analysis of the substances recovered in order to be admissible in court.

Both men were arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Police believe the men intended to sell the alleged drugs in both Morgan and Madison Counties. Both men are currently being held against $250,000 bonds each. No court date has been confirmed at this time.

Seeking help and support for these situations

Of all the drug crimes for which one can be charged, drug trafficking is one of the more serious. In Alabama, it can carry heavy penalties up to and including a lengthy jail sentence. This is why it is critical for both men to be represented in court by their own defense attorney, who will review all the pertinent facts of the case, as well as any evidence brought to the court by prosecutors, to build a solid defense against the charges.