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Can I call anyone after an arrest?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Going through an arrest can be terrifying. You may have loved ones counting on you, or you could face unfortunate consequences at work when you do not show up.

While you are going through the booking procedure, you may start thinking about whom you need to contact and how soon you will be able to reach them. You may even wonder if your “right to a phone call” is something limited to movies and TV.

Here’s what you should know about making a phone call after an arrest.

It can be anyone

The Alabama code includes a provision that any person under arrest can make a phone call. While it might be more helpful to call one person over another, you are not limited to the type of person you call, including:

  • Attorney
  • Bail bondsman
  • Friend
  • Parent

There is no firm rule that you can only have one phone call or that you may have a certain number of phone calls. When you are deciding whom you should call, consider calling someone who can help you reach other people who can help you.

Follow the rules

Your phone call is not a time to talk about your case or get into an involved conversation. There may not be a firm time limit for how long you can speak, but it is not a time to have a long chat.

Pay attention to your surroundings while you are talking. Ideally, you can make your call in a private area. Still, to be safe, you should avoid talking about your case unless your attorney instructs you otherwise.