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The dangers of stress caused by overwhelming debt

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | Bankruptcy |

If you have been living with more debt than you can handle for some time, you may be feeling pretty stressed about it. That is entirely normal, but it is not healthy.

Having to produce the money you do not have each month to pay bills you cannot afford to pay is exhausting. On top of that, you may be working extra shifts to try to keep up with those bills, eating into time that you would normally spend with your family or doing things you enjoy. Then on top of that, you might be losing sleep over your debts. The end result is that you may feel frazzled and at your wit’s end.

While the human body is pretty resilient, it has limits. As many people have found out, there could come the point where your body says that enough is enough.

Mental or even physical illness could result

A little bit of stress can be healthy. Athletes can use it to heighten their performance, for example. However, it is only positive if the stress levels drop back down quickly. If you have been living with the stress of debt day in and day out, you are not benefiting from it, and you are likely suffering as a result.

Why wait until your health suffers to the point that you need to pay for treatment or take time off work? That could significantly worsen your financial situation. Finding out more about bankruptcy and whether filing for bankruptcy now is the right option for you could help you begin to ease some of your stress. Having experienced legal guidance is key to determining the best solution for your situation.