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What are the consequences of a second DUI conviction in Alabama?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

A DUI conviction is scary, especially if it’s your second within 10 years. You’ll no doubt be worried about how it might impact your finances, relationships and career. It can be frightening to have to accept that you could lose your driver’s license and possibly spend time in jail for making a mistake that you’ve already made once before.

You can better prepare for potential consequences by being aware of what is likely coming down the pike. Then, you can speak with an attorney about how to mitigate the risk so that you do not incur the worst consequences available to someone in your position.  Our goal is to both defend people facing charges, and to mitigate the fallout of a conviction if the same is inevitable.

Alabama penalties for a second DUI

The state of Alabama sets its own laws for DUI offenses and a second conviction is treated as a misdemeanor. Having said that, there is still a mandatory minimum jail time that applies in these cases.

A minimum of five days in jail and a maximum of one year must be ordered. If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was more than 0.15%, the judge must order a one-year sentence, with a minimum of ten days to serve (or in the alternative 60 days community service). This sentence can be handed down as probation, provided that at least ten days of jail time are served (or community service if ordered instead of incarceration).

Other possible consequences include:

  • Fines of $1,100 to $5,100 as well as court costs
  • Completion of a substance abuse evaluation and completion of a recommended program
  • Revocation of driving license for one year followed by installation of an ignition interlock device for two years

One additional point to note is that if the DUI involved a BAC of 0.15% or more – or there was a passenger in the car who was under the age of 14 – any minimum penalties awarded must be at least doubled by the presiding judge in the case.

Being charged with a DUI offense requires quick and effective legal assistance. This is the best way to put forward your defense and challenge the evidence against you, if doing so successfully is at all possible under the circumstances.