2 arrested in Alabama for suspected drug crimes

Two people in Foley have been arrested following the execution of a search warrant at their residence, according to local sources. Local law enforcement worked with Alabama state and FBI resources as part of the investigation into the pair, who are now charged with multiple drug crimes. The individual is now likely focused on preparing his criminal defense.

What are the allegations?

According to detectives in the Foley Police Department, the 34-year-old man and 31-year-old woman had been under observation for some nine months after repeated complaints from the community about suspected narcotics activity. Officers obtained search warrants for the home and served the warrants on May 6. Inside the residence, they say they found some 6.5 pounds of what is believed to be marijuana, as well as controlled medications, paraphernalia, three firearms with ammunition, and approximately $46,000 in cash.

Both individuals were arrested on-site. They have been charged with misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia, felony unlawful possession of a controlled substance and felony drug trafficking. The man faces a further charge of being a person forbidden to possess a firearm. It is unknown whether the two are in police custody at this time, or whether they have been released on bail.

Seeking legal support when facing these serious charges

Drug crimes are always a serious matter for the courts, but felony charges of this type could land the couple in jail for a long time if they are found guilty. This is why each of them will be represented by their own criminal defense attorney who will review the record of the served warrants to assess whether the couple’s rights were respected during the search and subsequent arrests. If elements of police handling of the investigation and warrant execution infringed upon their rights, the cases could be thrown out of court or certain evidence ruled inadmissible at trial.

Attorney Brad Hawley

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