Estate Planning and Probate

Planning For The Future Is In Your Best Interest

While planning for the future can be intimidating, it’s an important step that everyone must take. For your wishes to be met, these estate planning legal documents are critical. At Grainger Hawley & Shinbaum Legal Services, we understand the pressure you might feel. We have helped clients throughout Alabama set up estate plans to keep them from feeling so intimidated.

Why Do I Need An Estate Plan?

An estate plan allows you to make decisions for yourself. If you don’t have a plan in place, it could put your loved ones in a difficult position. If your family does not agree on how your assets should be divided, the matter will go to court. This can be an expensive and lengthy process.

Your estate plan can include your medical care as well as how you wish to distribute your property after you pass away. There are many types of plans, and we can help you determine which is best for your situation. We also help with:

It is important to remember that these plans can be reviewed and changed. You can always update them how you see fit.

Probate: What Is It?

Probating a will means the will is presented to a court. The court then takes into account the direction of the will and divides property accordingly. Typically, this process is uncontested, but not always. A dispute can happen when someone demands a bigger share of what was left to them. When a will is not contested, the process is simple. Property is collected, debts and taxes are paid, and the remainder of your assets are transferred to your heirs.

An executor, typically appointed by the deceased person or testator, is in charge of this process. As an executor, it is extremely beneficial to have the guidance of an attorney. It is normal not to understand the law and we can make sure all wishes are carried out.

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

There are a lot of moving parts to estate planning and probate, plus the added pressure of making the “right” decisions. Most people quickly become overwhelmed. Attorney Bradley Hawley is here to help you simplify the process. Contact our Prattville office at 334-361-7750 or fill out our contact form.

Attorney Brad Hawley

Attorney Brad HawleyAttorney Brad Hawley possesses years of practical experience focused on bankruptcy, civil and criminal defense. He has prosecuted and defended clients in state court, and is a former enlisted member of the United States Army. Brad is driven by his desire to help people that have been hurt by the legal system, and is dedicated to fixing injustices he sees around him. [ Attorney Bio ]

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