Alabama man accused of drug crimes

A 32-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking, according to local reports. Alabama police in Atmore have arrested the individual, who allegedly attempted to flee before being taken into custody. He faces charges for drug crimes, including trafficking, and could face serious jail time if he is found guilty.  

What reportedly took place before the arrest?

The details included in the report are sparse, but it confirms the arrest took place on Sept. 9 of this year. Elements of the Alabama Drug Task Force, in conjunction with Atmore police, conducted a traffic stop of the man’s vehicle. Apparently, he was previously wanted for outstanding warrants in Escambia County.  

When he was pulled over, officers say he attempted to flee the scene in his vehicle. Officers say they observed him throwing items from the car during the pursuit, which were later recovered and identified as synthetic marijuana, commonly known as “spice.” The total amount recovered was over 1 kilogram, with a reported street value of $24,000. It is not clear whether the man remains in police custody though he is likely focused on preparing his criminal defense.  

Where to turn for help when facing such serious charges

Drug crimes of this nature are taken very seriously in Alabama. The man faces charges including trafficking, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest and attempting to elude police.

Those facing serious drug charges will want to consider retaining a dedicated attorney who will carefully review the formal charges and the evidence that the prosecution intends to offer in court. This approach is done in support of building the best possible defense against the charges filed. 

Attorney Brad Hawley

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