Alabama man charged with drug crimes

A man accused of trafficking the dangerous street drug “spice” has been arrested, according to sources in Madison County. Alabama police apparently worked with an FBI task force to conduct the raid, which they say turned up nearly 30 pounds of the illicit narcotic. Drug crimes of this magnitude typically carry heavy sentences if the defendant is found guilty.

Madison County narcotics agents joined forces with an FBI task force on Nov. 18 to raid a home in Toney after a lengthy investigation into what residents call “worrying” issues with drugs in the community. Police say they found over 28 pounds of “spice”, a drug that is often laced with other dangerous chemicals and often proves fatal to users. Substance abuse counselors warn of the psychotic effects the drug can produce as well.

The man was arrested on-site and charged with drug trafficking. It is unknown if further charges will be filed as the investigation continues. He is currently being held without bond in a detention facility in Madison County. It is not known at this time whether he has retained criminal defense counsel.

However, that counsel will be vital when the man faces his charges in an Alabama court. Drug crimes can result in fines and considerable jail time, depending on the infraction. However, the burden of proof lies with prosecutors to prove the man’s guilt regarding the alleged trafficking ring. His attorney will carefully review the facts of the case in order to build a strong defense against the charges.

Attorney Brad Hawley

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