Alabama man faces charges for alleged drug crimes

A student housing facility in Tuscaloosa was investigated by a joint law enforcement operation for alleged drug use, according to campus staff. A joint effort, including University of Alabama Police and the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force, resulted in the arrest of a 20-year-old man, who now faces charges for drug crimes. The man remains in police custody in advance of a trial date.  

What are the reported details of the incident? 

According to the reports filed by the University and law enforcement, officers were on campus on an unrelated investigation when they reported seeing what they believed to be a large quantity of marijuana on a table in one of the dorm rooms. An investigation was launched, and the room was searched. Police say they discovered the alleged marijuana, as well as what they believed to be 15 grams of cocaine.  

The student resident, a 20-year-old male, was arrested the following day. He now faces several charges, including first-degree marijuana possession, possession with intent to distribute, and two minor charges. He is currently in county jail, where his bond was set at $30,000. It is unclear whether he has retained criminal defense counsel at this time.  

Everyone has rights when facing these type of charges 

That counsel is both a right and a necessity in the American justice system. In this case, when the alleged drug crimes are examined before an Alabama criminal court, the man’s defense attorney will work to understand the facts of the case and to examine any pertinent evidence. This is all part of developing a strong, cohesive defense against the charges filed against the suspected man. 

Attorney Brad Hawley

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