Man charged with drug crimes after shooting

A man in Phenix City has been charged with multiple felonies following a Dec. 9 shooting. The 19-year-old man is facing charges for drug crimes as well as other charges related to the shooting. He is currently being held in an Alabama jail against a $41,000 bond in advance of a trial date. No information for an attorney was reported.

According to the police report, the shooting took place on Dec. 9 near Lee Road. Police say three vehicles were hit by gunfire as well as a boat and trailer. Shell casings were recovered at the scene, which encompassed two homes where children under the age of 12 live. Thankfully, no one was injured. Police identified the 19-year-old suspect and conducted a raid of his home some time after the shooting.

Officers say they found multiple firearms with ammunition as well as drugs, including marijuana, and money they believe may have been profits from drug sales. The man now faces eight counts of possession of a controlled substance, a further count of marijuana possession, six counts of reckless endangerment and four counts of discharging a firearm into an unoccupied vehicle.

If the man is found guilty of the drug crimes or the other charges, he could face jail time and fines. This is why he will be represented in an Alabama court by a criminal defense attorney who will carefully review the facts of the case, particularly the raid of the accused man’s home. Police are beholden to particular best practices when conducting a search of a residence that must respect the rights of the occupant. If police did not observe these best practices, the case could be thrown out of court.

Attorney Brad Hawley

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