When are identity theft offenses valid in Alabama?

Every personal financial transaction or account requires a strict level of identification. Doing so allows institutions to dispense and manage resources for verified individuals safely. However, others could find ways to circumvent and commit crimes using the personal details of unsuspecting victims, which is identity theft.

This crime happens when someone collects another person’s details and benefits from them without their consent or knowledge. An offender could receive penalties for identity theft if the following occurred:

  • Gained identification details or documents that are necessary as financial requirements
  • Received services or provisions using someone else’s details
  • Obtained another person’s identification papers by impersonating them
  • Found employment through misuse of someone else’s identification

However, the offense’s validity could depend on the circumstances. A person could only be guilty of identity theft based on specific factors.

What factors make an identity theft allegation valid?

Before considering an offense valid, the court would look for certain elements proving the violator’s intent to misuse someone else’s identity. These elements include the following:

  • The violator collected the victim’s details or information without their permission.
  • The violator’s actions showed an intention to commit fraud for their or a third person’s benefit.

If these factors are evident in an identity theft incident, it could be valid, potentially resulting in a class B felony.

Identifying information prone to theft

The risks of identity theft are high, considering most platforms require identification before facilitating transactions. Sensitive information could include full names, birthdates, identification numbers, biometric data and answers to security questions.

Additionally, identity theft is a severe crime that could lead to grave consequences. The sanctions could also vary, depending on the situation. Violators could receive more penalties based on their offense’s severity and if they face additional charges related to the incident.

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