When is it right to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Unmanageable debt can lead to complications and frustrations in various areas of one’s life. In addition to the constant harassment and requests for payments from debt collectors, an Alabama adult may face threats of losing property and money through foreclosure or wage garnishment. For some in this situation, it may be beneficial to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a process that allow eligible applicants to regain their financial stability. 

Benefits of this bankruptcy option 

Chapter 13 is not the right bankruptcy option in every situation, but it does offer some consumers the ability to deal with specific types of debt in an organized and efficient manner. Some of the benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy include: 

  • It enacts the automatic stay, halting all collections efforts and contact from creditors. 
  • It allows an applicant to remain in his or her own home. 
  • An applicant can make payments on debt, paying off balances over time. 
  • The applicant will be able to keep his or her property 
  • An applicant will be able to eventually rebuild his or her credit. 

The main benefit of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that allows someone with a significant amount of secured debt to take steps toward a better financial future. 

The best way forward 

Anyone considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy will benefit from the guidance of an experienced Alabama attorney. An assessment of the individual case will allow a potential applicant to understand the most appropriate and beneficial steps he or she can take to deal with certain types of debt once and for all. If one is not eligible for Chapter 13, there are other options available for him or her.  


Attorney Brad Hawley

Attorney Brad HawleyAttorney Brad Hawley possesses years of practical experience focused on bankruptcy, civil and criminal defense. He has prosecuted and defended clients in state court, and is a former enlisted member of the United States Army. Brad is driven by his desire to help people that have been hurt by the legal system, and is dedicated to fixing injustices he sees around him. [ Attorney Bio ]

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